Hysterical Frenzy

Daemons of Chaos

by: Baeraad on June 15, 2023

50 x 50

[s] d=2 Remains in play. Hysterical Frenzy can be cast on any unit (friend or foe) within 24". If cast on a friendly unit, Hysterical Frenzy is an augment spell. If Hysterical Frenzy is cast on an enemy unit, it is a hex spell. For the duration of the spell, the target gains the Frenzy special rule (which is not lost if the unit is defeated in close combat). If the target unit already has the Frenzy special rule, that Frenzy grants +2 Attacks instead of just +1. In addition, for the duration of the spell, the target of Hysterical Frenzy suffers D6 Strength 3 hits at the end of each of the caster's Magic phases. [/s]

To search for it in the game, search: a:23842

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