Comet of Casandora


by: Baeraad on June 15, 2023

50 x 50

[s] d=2 This spell is cast upon any fixed point on the tabletop. Place a suitable marker over the exact spot affected – a small coin is ideal for this. For as long as the spell lasts, the player rolls a D6 at the start of each player's following Magic phase. On a score of 1-3 nothing happens, but place another marker on the first. On the score of a 4-6 the comet strikes the spot. All units from either side that are within 2D6" are struck by the comet. Each unit struck by the comet takes 2D6 hits, +1 hit for each marker on the comet, at a Strength equal to 4 plus the number of markers on the comet. Once cast, the comet cannot be dispelled. The Wizard can choose to cast this spell so that the comet starts with two counters rather than one, and two counters are added each time the comet fails to land. If he does so, the casting value is increased to 24+. [/s]

To search for it in the game, search: a:23841

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