Meters "wheel" point.

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Meters "wheel" point.

Postby cluzoe » Fri Mar 03, 2017 1:40 pm

Will it be possible to add "wheel" point in meters?
For example:
In 24" meter wheel will be by 0" and 24" and 12" .
It will help a lot while measuring range from point A to point B.
Now wheel point is only on 12".
Now if line is not straight forward between the points we are wasting a lot of time on finding correct angle between the points.
Measuring from end or beginning of meters will allow you to set up meter on 0" on the unit, then wheel by 24" to find correct angle.
This will allow to quickly check the distance from 0" (on the unit) to desired point.
Let me know if you will like to have print screen with explanation.

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