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Postby piteglio » Mon May 29, 2017 11:43 pm

hi guys

this is just to let you know i made tokens for all special rules / terrain / spells / magic items / secondary objectives / turn counter and, for four armies, models / special rules / army list descriptions / QS appendix rosters / 1600pts sample roster. rules (and, when applicable, profiles) are in the info notes for each object.

i find this kind of setup most useful when teaching the game to new players, or when learning new armies myself. in this way you can always have all rules at hand, on screen. here's how it looks like:

QSUB2 min.jpg
QSUB2 min.jpg (94.22 KiB) Viewed 9226 times

here's a 13-strong lion guard unit with a mage. you have counters for special rules (martial discipline and lightning reflexes), spells (the two altered sights and judgment's fate) and magic items (a dispel scroll). the full rules for each of them are in the notes.

you'll find the armies by looking for a "QS - " prefix. 12 armies are still missing, and everything is in italian, so feel free to complete and/or translate.


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