Rordin the Dwarf

KoW - Dwarves

by: Rogmalim on April 30, 2023

20 x 20

Sp 4 Me 3+ Ra - De 6+ Att 5 Ne 13/15 Pts 125 H 2 US 0 Crushing Strength 2, Individual, Inspiring, Mighty, Pathfinder, Now I´m Angry (Once per game, after an enemy unit rolls to damage Rordin (Whether in melee or with a ranged attack), the player an force the oponent to re-roll al successful rollsto damage. This effect lasts from that momento to the end of the enemy turn- all units rolling to damage Rordin must re-roll their successful rolls to damage)

To search for it in the game, search: a:23700

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